Well Hello!

Welcome to Kale Couture! Kale excites me. It’s dark nutrient-rich leaves are the vehicle for endless tasty creations. Kale Couture will explore the world of Kale and vegetarian cuisine; including the art of cooking with Kale, seeking restaurants with the best prepared Kale, and how to have a diverse and delicious vegetarian diet.

Each post will have a recommendation for restaurants or stores who have excellently prepared vegetarian cuisine. Most shared meals mean varied food preferences, including people on low-carb diets, pale diets (which are often meat heavy), steak lovers, and Veggies!!  I often find myself at steak houses, modern gastropubs, and sushi spots.  I will help my fellow vegetarians navigate traditionally meat friendly places, hint… It’s all about delicious sides!   Most of the restaurants featured will be in LA, but look out for some special guest spots found out of town. Along with recommendations, each post will feature a vegetarian recipe!!

Most of my recipes and the ones I will share will be easily made vegan.  I have no problem excluding meat from my diet, but cheese is simply too delectable to abandon.  The exception of recipes that can be made vegan will be the occasional desert or breakfast.

So please, sit back, relax and enjoy the banter of a vegetarian foodie!


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